About us

What is Certs365?

At Certs365, we believe in the power of knowledge and understanding. Our qualifications provide an application of skills and learning to positively affect your career and the world around you. Education is what allows people to grow and evolve to better suit their environment and improve on their personal abilities.

Paired with our centres, Certs365 are able to deliver a broad and diverse range of qualifications that suit the interests and needs of our learners.

We train the trainers, then the trainers train you! We provide training that enhances your continued professional development and offers you a range of skills.

Our qualifications

Patient Safety 7

Patient Safety 7 came about as a reaction to slipping standards of patient safety in recent years. It aims to reset these standards back to high for all healthcare workers to ensure the patients and public are being cared for in a safe, healthy environment. Patient Safety 7 believes that all healthcare workers should know the expectations and how to enforce the idea of safety within their working area. This can be done by embedding the seven principles that are promoted by Patient Safety 7 into daily working life. As well as having a strong knowledge of the sources of risks and how to prevent them. We also encourage employees to promote patient safety to other colleagues to spread awareness of the rising issues this topic brings within society.

DREAM Plan 3

Trainers and partners of DREAM Plan 3 have one common goal: to help those with type 2 diabetes make a positive change in their lives. We aim to send type 2 diabetes and prediabetes into remission for all our clients, whilst enabling them to reconnect with healthy eating habits. Healthy eating habits, an active lifestyle and a new sense of mindfulness are some of the key aims to this qualification.

DREAM Plan 3 focuses on the three key elements of eating, activities and mindfulness. Throughout the programme, you’ll be learning how to alter your pattern of behaviour in each of these areas. Within the programme the aim is to lower your blood sugar, getting you more active and maintaining these changes both physically and mentally.

Functional Education

Functional Education includes a variety of courses that go towards the overall development of functional skills for children with ASD. Some of the functional skills that atypical children may grasp with relative ease can be more of a challenge for those with ASD or other learning difficulties; Functional Education provides a support system for parents and those working with SEN children, helping them to build and implement processes to improve the standard of daily living of their child(ren).  The courses on offer are: Functional Relationship, Functional Walking, Functional Food Intervention, Functional Toilet Training, Learning to Cycle and Functional Acceptance. The completion of these courses will enhance your skill set when it comes to caring for a growing child with ASD.


QualScrum is an adapted variant of the Scrum project management strategy. Instead of being broadly applicable to a range of different sectors, which can make narrowing down your strategy difficult and hard-to-place. QualScrum provides the processes, regimes and training required to manage a project that focuses on qualification creation. Qualification creation is a task that requires a structured approach and an applicable burn down to ensure that the course is made efficiently and effectively.


Through Certs365 you can expand your current career prospects or apply the knowledge learnt to your current everyday. We want to help you achieve by enhancing knowledge and shaping the future. What are you waiting for? Your professional development begins here.