The qualifications offered by Certs365 are unique, diverse, practical and applicable to your personal situation. Our courses courses are offered within a range of areas, for example: healthcare, fitness and project management. Certs365 qualifications are completely different and unique. Alongside this all of our qualifications offer an exclusive learning experience and a development of skills and knowledge contained within our one-of-a-kind qualifications.

DREAM Plan 3

DREAM Plan 3 is a diabetes remission programme. It aims to assist people with type 2 diabetes to kick their condition into remission and improve their daily living. You can improve your livelihood through the three core principle of DREAM Plan 3, these are: eating, activities and mindfulness.

Functional Education

Functional Education supports parents and those who work with ASD and other SEN children. The support Certs365 can offer means that their everyday living environment can be improved.

Patient Safety 7

Patient Safety 7 offers a 3-tier course on patient safety at Foundation, Practitioner and Consultant levels, designed to expand the knowledge and understanding of healthcare workers, improve standards of patient safety and reduce adverse events within the workplace. The slipping standards in healthcare within the UK are worrying and a great cause for concern. However, Patient Safety 7 provides you with the knowledge to apply health and safety processes within the healthcare environment.


QualScrum is perfect for those who work in the education and training sector. This qualification provides knowledge and information regarding qualification creation and helping them to successfully use project management skills to enable effectiveness in a work environment. QualScrum uses a combination of processes, programmes and ideals from Scrum to apply those theories to a more specific area of project management, course creation.