Functional Education

Functional Education

What is it?

The qualification is made up of a mixture of courses that will help to improve functional skills that relate to caring for a child with ASD.

The courses are: Functional Relationship, Functional Walking, Functional Food Intervention, Functional Toilet Training, Learning to Cycle and Functional Acceptance.

These courses will help you to improve your skills when it comes to caring for a growing child with ASD.

Functional Acceptance

Over-stimulation can cause uncomfortable situations. This course helps you to learn how to gain control over them.

Learning to Cycle

Outstanding teaching techniques will help your child to learn to cycle.

Functional Food Intervention

Functional Food will build up your child’s confidence when it comes to adding variety to their diet.

Functional Relationship

This course informs you on how to maintain a relationship with a child with special needs.

Functional Toilet Training

Does your child find toilet training challenging? Functional Toilet Training will help them to understand where and how to ‘go’.

Functional Walking

Ready to explore outdoors? Walking can improve mood and self-esteem. Functional Walking helps children with ASD to comfortably and confidently go for walks.

The impact on you

Functional Education helps to make the daily lives of the parent and the child simple.

The course will better your child’s independence and comfort.

The course offers new opportunities for both you and your child.


Functional Education aims to improve your child’s life skills to help to add ease to their life as well as anyone involved.

The course will help you to build a functional relationship with your child.

You will learn strategies that will help you to improve your child’s social skills.